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Work with Rasheed

So you want to reach success? Great! You’re in the right place.

First, a few questions about yourself.

Do you want to:

  • establish yourself, as well as your business, as an expert in your industry?
  • create your own unique success story, all while building a nice amount of residual income?
  • connect with the industry’s most empowering, most influential, and top earning leaders?
  • unequivocally change yours and your family’s lives??

If your answer is yes to any of those questions, that’s wonderful, and I look forward to connecting with you!

If your answer is no, then feel free to “X” out of this window.

For you go-getters, you are probably wondering what exactly I have in store for you!

Be forewarned though… this business is NOT for those who are not:

  • Open-minded
  • Seriously interested in making $5,000/month or more in residual income
  • Coachable, teachable, optimistic, enthusiastic, passionate, committed
  • Prepared to take action
  • Willing drop excuses and provide results
  • Ready to become a leader with the desire to become an expert in your field
  • Willing to invest a little bit of time and money in yourself (via personal development) and in your business (marketing resources and tools)
  • And last, but not least, willing to trek on through good times, bad times, all times, and have an open heart to all!

You have all of those qualities? Great! Let’s talk.

I’ve spent countless nights staying up late, reading books, listening to webinars, all of that studying Network Marketing as a concept… I have looked at many opportunities, many compensation plans, many products, many leaders… I have spent so much time on my business, trying to understand how these 5-figure-per-month residual income earners actually earn their income and why many people do not… and it is because the people who do not are oblivious as to what it takes to build a successful organization. Those who do know are unwilling to put in the work to build that organization. Plain and simple.

I did not stop until I found the answer, and now that I found the answer…

I am achieving and building my success, one day at a time. And Zig Ziglar said it best: “You can get whatever you want by helping others get what they want.” And that is what I want to do. I want to help as many people possible achieve the success they deserve and desire. I want to find those people who are tired of getting beat down, let down, disappointed, and just flat-out frustrated with life!

As such, I desire to work with and coach the same, like-minded people as myself… people who are serious about changing their lives through network marketing.

So if this is you, and you are willing to put in your best, I would absolutely love to work with you towards creating the success you deserve! 

How will I do this? Well, the compensation plan that the company I work with has gives me the ability to place my personally sponsored business partners underneath your business, to advance your business, which will result in nice paychecks all for the person who matters most in your life… you.

But should you expect handouts? No. I am not willing to waste my time with those who are not serious and who are not willing to put work into their business. My time is too valuable to spend on people like that.

Of course, you are probably wondering: “Is this team really fit for me?”

Well, we have some of the world’s best online and offline marketers in our organization. We have Ray Higdon, Joel Burrell, Cedrick Harris, and other great leaders in this organization. We all work in the same company, in a fast growing industry that does over $100 billion per year. That is over $11 million an hour, for seven days per week, and 365 days per year. Best of all, it has never been done in network marketing before. There is absolutely zero competition.

Sounds great, right? Well, my time is extremely valuable to me, as is your time, so we can both save ourselves some time with a quick sorting process. I only want to work with people who are serious about building an additional income. I’m looking for team players, leaders, action-takers, and people who are ready to make their dreams come true! I can and will assist you in building your business from home either part-time or full-time, whichever you prefer, but you must be someone who is coachable and trainable, willing to take action and willing to grow. If you think you know it all, don’t bother contacting me.

If that sounds like you, then give me a call! If I do not answer, leave a message with your name and number and I will return your call in 24-48 hours.

I look forward to working with you!

To your abundance,

Rasheed Bustamam

Just another 20-year old success mentor


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