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Project B.Logg

November 13, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce my latest project…

Project B.Logg.

The past couple days, I have been talking about who you want to be, and how to choose a role model.

It is sad to say, but our society doesn’t seem to appreciate good role models. Look at the news. All you see is news about politics, crime, violence, suicides… controversial things. News programs make their money from ads, and ads pay good money to high trafficked news stations. So news stations try to just get good ratings so more people will watch. More people watching means more people watching ads means more people giving buying from advertisers means… more money to the news stations.

It’s all about the green, sadly.

There are a few non-profit news stations but that goes outside the scope of this post.

Who are some famous people? Oprah Winfrey. Barack Obama. Arnold Schwarzenegger. All the movie stars. They’re all famous, and that’s great. But the media and our society portrays them to be God-like and infallible, and even use their good name to promote products. Society wants us to look up to these famous people. And there’s no problem with that.

But how many of us actually know who these famous people are? About their past? Their present? What they want in their future? How many of us can relate with Brad Pitt (and not just because you’re as sexy as he is!)

Role models need to be human. Relatable. People will be more likely to relate to a person who has had a similar past as they, and they will read on how they overcame their struggle. That will inspire them infinitely, and they will go on to do great things with their lives.

Sad to say, many people do not have role models that they can relate to.

That’s what Project B.Logg is about. People need a role model, whether they know it or not. A person they can use to create external judgment. A person about whom they can ask themselves, “What would _____ do in this situation?”

And that’s what I am hoping to achieve with this project. Project B.Logg is going to change the way you look at role models. It’s going to change the way you look at personal development. It will be more effective than any “how to” book.

And best of all, it will be FREE… but only for a limited time.

It is a big “thank-you” for all who read my blog. And I don’t believe you guys should have to pay to experience this project.

However… I believe a project like this, if successful, shouldn’t be free forever. During the free-trial period, I will be working with a few companies to see if I can sell the finished product. Once it gets approved, the intellectual property will no longer be mine and will belong to the company… so it won’t be mine to give away anymore.

And that is why I am promoting this project now. It is a big project. But I want it to be LIVE by the end of this month. And you, my loyal readers, will keep me to that commitment. I am still only a college student and my studies take precedence, and naturally I would like to relax a bit after a long day of midterms or finals or whatever.

But I don’t want to rest. I have a drive to finish this project by the end of the month, so if you don’t see a blogpost talking about it at the end of this month, YELL AT ME. Seriously.

With enough people hounding me down, I will have to finish the project sooner!

Of course, to keep things fun, I will have a few neat things that I think you guys will enjoy.

I’ll keep you posted.

To your success,


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