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Choosing a Good Role Model for Yourself

November 13, 2010

Who do you look up to? Do you look up to Barack Obama, President of the US? Do you look up to Kobe Bryant, all-star basketball player?

Looking up

Looking up...


Muhammad Ali, champion wrestler? Brad Pitt, sexy movie star? Angelina Jolie? Your father? Mother? Uncle? Boss? Mentor? Teacher? I can go on and on. But needless to say, not every famous person neither can nor should be a good role model.

Heres an example. Miley Cyrus was a role model for all kids who watched Hannah Montana. They all looked up to her, and because kids are easily malleable, they also were heavily influenced by her as a person and an actress, on stage and off stage.

Maybe when Miley was a kid she was good, but I think we can all agree that kids should NOT be emulating after her as she is now. I don’t know what her latest drama is, nor do I care. I’ve seen some scandalous pictures of her on my MSNBC news feed, and just by that I know I wouldn’t want my kids to emulate after her. She’s 17 years old and living a vida loca, not in the good way either.

Now I’m not here to criticize Miley Cyrus. Maybe one day she’ll realize that her life as a young skanky celebrity will only attract Mr. Creeper next door. But as of right now, following her as a role model may not be the best idea.

So who would be a good role model for you and/or your kids?

Well, I like Muhammad Ali. I like his philosphy on training. He hated every moment of training, but he knew that by training, he could be a champion. And he became a champion.

Who else do I like? Well, Zig Ziglar’s got a pretty inspirational story. He used to be a fat man with no motivation to do anything. Now he’s an old man with the motivation to take over the world!

I also like the story of my own mentor, Ray Higdon. He was in real estate for a bit. But then after the real estate market pretty much crushed his bank account to $300, he decided to take his life into his own hands and build an empire. Fast forward a little more than a year later (which is now), he makes $40k-$60k per month, got a free car (2011 Beemer) from the company he works with, has been on a free cruise, a free vacation to Atlantis, and is about to go onto another free cruise sometime next year.

He does his work with integrity, is interested in helping people out, and has a cute little dog named Baxter. Ray’s just a great leader, and though I don’t agree wih a few of his personal philosophies (you’ll never agree 100% with anyone’s personal philosophies), I still admire his confidence and dedication to his business and business mentees/partners.

But my role models may not necessarily be the same as yours. My role models reflect who I want to be when I grow up. For business, it’s Ray Higdon and Joel Burrell. For law, it’s Gerry Spence. For engineering, it’s… some guy. For religion, it’s our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

So who do you want to be? If you’re a striving doctor, go look up a few renowned doctors and see how they conduct their work. Heck, email them. You’d be surprised at the ones who reply. If you ever get one who replies, stick with him. It means that he respects your interest in him and wants to earn the name of a role model.

Linguist? Noam Chomsky. I’ve emailed him before and he replied. And he’s the world’s expert on linguistics.

Athlete? Cant help you there. The only thing I know about baseball is the world cup. (Yes that’s a joke)

Okay, enough professions. What about personal development? There are tons of people who have gone zero to hero. Some people didn’t even start at zero, like me! I think I’m approaching zero now though and you can learn my story. Lol.

Sometimes Corporate America gives you a kick in the face and you don’t care what your profession is at that time, you just want your net worth to get back in the black! Well, that’s when you go consult your village failure-turned-success and read his story. How a man can go from $1million in debt (via real estate of course, I think real estate is the only industry where this can happen lol) to an income of $1million per year in 3 years.

And I think role models like that are the most important. As I firmly believe, a profession cannot define your life. A lifestyle does. And would you rather have a 9-5 lifestyle or a 10 hour work-week where you get paid tons of money doing what you want to do when you want to do it?

It’s a lifestyle…

And that brings me to my project.

This week will be a week of hope. A week of change. A week of… Barack Obama campaigning??

I will be working on migrating my domain from this wordpress-hosted site to my own personal site. This will give me and you many more features in terms of controlling the blog. Which is optimal for this project…

What is this project? Well, I’ll tell you tomorrow. There’s only one thing I can tell you about it.

It’s a thanks for reading my blog.

To your abundance,

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  1. November 14, 2010 2:18 am

    Great post here. I think people need to role model more. Without role models it can be very difficult for people to actually standup and reach the goals that they have in their life.

    Role modeling makes everything easier because it is a clear-cut path to success and how to get there. Plus often if they are a one-on-one mentor, they are there to help you with any obstacles you may start facing.

  2. November 14, 2010 5:00 am


    You said you left an email, but I didn’t see it. My email is

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