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Mistakes Happen…

November 8, 2010

Foreword: I’m doing some behind-the-scenes work here on my blog. Hopefully by the end of the month I will be moving my blog over to my own website: Until then, just bear with me. That site will have a lot more functionality than this one since I will actually own it and have control over it. That and I’ve also had midterms the past couple weeks. I know that’s no excuse… but that brings me to this post…

I overwhelmed myself. That was it. I was writing novel-sized blog posts that were more or less redundant, they were taking two to four hours of my day, and I was just getting overwhelmed. Coupled with homework, school, and other obligations, I just felt like I had no time for myself.

I’ve been listening to some successful people, and they all blog every day. I found it very difficult to blog every day when I was blogging 2-4 hours per day. It was exhausting.

Then I learned their secret. They spend maybe thirty minutes to an hour on their blog.

Hm, why didn’t I think of that?


Well, now I thought of it. I’ll be spending a little bit less time on my blog and a bit more time doing a few other things.

Another pitfall I fell into was writing too much information and not giving myself enough time to gather the information. I was writing hundreds of words in each blog post and it was really overwhelming me in terms of information I had to gather. Then before I knew it, I had writer’s block.

I knew I had to change, so now I’m going to be a bit more concise… and I’ll be employing a few more tactics to make my blog better… for YOU!

Which leads me to the topic. I made a mistake. I was diving too deeply into blogging, and things just weren’t working out. So when I realized that things were slowing down, I knew I had to act, so I asked a few successful people. Now I’m applying their advice.

That process applies to everyone. We all make mistakes. The question is whether or not we realize we’ve made that mistake.

Do we notice our mistakes? That’s step one, realizing when you’ve made a mistake. There’s a difference between “realizing” and “admitting.” People have egos and pride, so even when they realize they make a mistake, they’d rather be caught dead than admit it.

Guess where those people who are too afraid to swallow their pride go? Nowhere. Nowhere spectacular. Nowhere special. They just… are.

So realize your mistake, and fess up to it. Don’t be ashamed to make mistakes, everyone does.

Next step… will come in the next post! Check back tomorrow!

To your success,


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