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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

October 22, 2010

Have you ever known a doctor, lawyer, engineer, businessman… take any profession, any successful person… have you ever known any of them to say, “Hey, that was easy!”

I haven’t. Maybe if you’re talking to a rather egotistical person, he’d say it was easy. “Psh, I didn’t study for the bar exam and I passed!” Or “Ha! I got top scores on the MCAT without studying!”

That’s probably a lie. Success never comes easy.

Success in anything never comes easy. It always takes hard work and discipline to get anything done.
Want to be wealthy? Well you have to learn to live within your means. It may pain you to skip that everyday coffee, or to refrain yourself from eating out every day. Or perhaps even to get up a bit earlier to prepare lunch to save money instead of eating out. It may be uncomfortable but if you want to save money, it’s necessary.

Want to be healthy? It takes know-how. Read some books on health. Refrain from eating that double cheeseburger. Exercise a few times per week. It’s not comfortable. But being a couch potato wont get you healthy.

Want to have better relationships? Read books on relationships. If it’s marital problems, there are books on that. Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages is a great book for relationships in general, particularly with your spouse. Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People is a classic people book. John Maxwell’s Winning with People, another one that was written for more modern times. Some people are naturally friendly people. Other people turn other people off and they don’t even know why. It takes more wisdom to learn how to be likeable by many people.

Want success in your career? Don’t sleep at work! Hold your tongue when speaking to your boss.

In school? Study periodically!

Nothing in life comes easy. It takes the right attitude and the hunger for success. Once you manage your life correctly to achieve success in whatever you want, it just takes consitency and patience. I mean, going on a diet doesnt mean keep away from fatty foods for a week. It means committing to eat the right things. Forever.

To your success,

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