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A little bit of controversy never hurt anyone…

October 14, 2010

Y’know, I think I’ve been relatively tame in my blog thus far. Most things I say are generally agreeable. At least, I haven’t gotten any outrages. Yet.
Todays gonna change that. I’m not asking anyone to agree with me. Just to hear me out.

Whats the topic?

Suicide “victims.” Oh yes, I went there.

Victims, as they’re called. Victims of what now? A victim of life, if anything. Guess who else are “victims” of life? Well, technically we all are, but if a person sees himself as a victim of life, he’s not living, he’s suffering.

So what exactly are people who commit suicide victims of? Bullying? Hey, I was bullied when I was a kid. Its called adolescence. I was the geekiest dude ever. So geeky I probably shouldn’t even call myself a dude. And sometimes I feel like I’m still geeky, but at least I don’t watch Star Trek. Heh.

Nothing’s wrong with being a geek. People will be interested in whatever they’re interested in. I love computers, anime, video games, paper crafts, and law schtuff. Its just an interest. Some people love music. Others love movies. They’re just hobbies, interests. They don’t define a person, unless he lives and breathes Guitar Hero so much to the extent that he brings a plastic guitar with him to work to practice during breaks. But who am I to judge? I bring my phone to school to write and blog during breaks. But we’ve already established that I’m a geek ;P

So we have a few homosexual adolescents who committed suicide because they couldn’t stand being bullied by their peers.

Well there’s a few things wrong with this. When I was 11, I had a crush on a girl who I thought was the most beautiful girl in the world. (Aren’t all love interests just the prettiest/handomest girl/boy in the world though?)

Now I look back and I’m like, What was I thinking??? No names are being named, sorry. And her personality wasn’t stellar.

The point is, when we’re teenagers, we don’t know what we want! All the adults can testify to that. What teenager knows what he wants? Not many.

Though it is certainly possible that those adolescents have it in their genes to like the same sex, I may also have had the genes to be attracted to not-so-pretty women back then. Thank goodness I don’t!

There’s a little thing we talk about in physics and chemistry called phase and all teenagers go through it. Even me. I’m embarrassed to talk about the phases I went through as a teen. Many teens are. So homosexuality at age 12? Not likely. I knew a girl who claimed to be pansexual at age 17. Seriously, what the hell is that? Youre attracted to pans? You love Panasonic televisions? Actually don’t answer that, I’m better off staying in ignorance. But do people just make words up now? Its called phase. She was confident enough in her sexuality that when people teased her about it (and when her parents said it was phase) she was proud. Cool. Good for her. I doubt she still likes pans at this point in time, but you never know.

Now I’m not saying anything’s wrong with being homosexual as a teenager. There may be something wrong with being attracted to less-than-stellar-looking girls, but not homosexuality. I’m just saying, kids go through phases. They do whatever they want because they’re kids. So the chances they’re actually homosexual at age 12 or whatever? Slim. Very slim.

Either way, kids shouldn’t be teased for whatever phase they’re going through. Unless it’s one of the three traits that all serial killers have as a child. I’ll not label them here, look them up. And even if a child had that trait, all the reason not to tease them. Unless you like not being able to wake up in the morning. A trait like that calls for therapy not teasing.

So lets just assume that these kids were actually homosexual and their peers were being kids and teasing and jeering at their odd sexual preference.

That’s grounds for suicide? C’mon now. I know a kid who everyone in elementary school made fun of because of his abnormally large head. Yes, I admit, I was one of those kids. I was 7 and regret it 😦

Kids alienated him so much that no one would be his friends’ friends. No one wanted to have 7 degrees of separation of friends with him. Once I warmed up to him, he was sort of my friend, but I wouldn’t admit it!

So he ended up being lonely and friendless. Did he commit suicide? No. He’s in the Marine Corps now fighting for our country. He made the most out of his situation and determined that he wanted to fight for freedom.

I gotta say that he had it pretty bad. and I respect him for being able to keep his head up and determine what he wanted to do with his life. What did those homosexual kids want to do with their lives? Well, not live it, that’s for sure.

So what excuse do those kids have for committing suicide?

Well, what happens after a suicide? Well, there’s a note that is usually found. It usually says something lame like “farewell cruel world.” Not being grateful for the people who actually supported them. Apparently having a comforting mother and friends who love you for who you are is a cruel world.

Well, after mother finds the note and realizes that her son is calling her cruel for caring, she has to clean the damn mess up. What the hell. That’s like the biggest slap in the face. “I don’t appreciate your kindness. Now clean my corpse off the ground and pay for my funeral services.”

Worse yet, the mother probably thinks she didn’t support her son enough. Then she blames herself and lives miserably for a while.

Who are the true victims of suicide? The family and friends of the person who committed suicide. No matter how it happens, if a friend died, id be sad. If it were a homicide, i’d be angry at the killer. If it were a suicide, i’d be angry at the killer. It’s no different than if one of my friends killed another one of my friends. Saddened I lost a friend, angry that my friend killed someone.

So why should we feel sympathy for selfish people who care nothing but of themselves, who kills a person that many people love and care about, who feel like their problems are the worst in the world… I can go on and on. Why feel sympathy?

W Mitchell tells his tale succinctly of how he went from hell and back again–twice. Burned alive in a motorcycle accident, lost his fingers and his face looked similar to a Halloween mask. Then paralyzed neck down in an airplane accident.

And they complained about bullying. You know what i wanna say to them? Grow up. Get some real problems. Bullying? Psh, i’d take that any day over being paralyzed.

Life is a gift. Be grateful for what you have. The highest suicide rate belongs to Native Americans. Their ancestors were killed for land so they feel like they are being tormented. Well, whatever. Every suicide that happens is the death of an ungrateful person. I have no respect for them. Wanna make a statement? Prove your naysayers wrong. Suicide is such a cowardly thing to do.

To your success,

PS. Don’t be afraid to comment your opinion here. Everyone’s entitled to their own. Just know that if you attempt to prove my opinion “wrong” you better have some good evidence.

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  1. October 16, 2010 7:36 pm

    I read your note over on Juice Scam. We need to talk:

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