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Dream. Struggle. Success.

October 6, 2010

Have you ever had a goal to get something done, only to realize how difficult it was and then quit? I think many of us have. For example, “Getting straight A’s in high school” was one such goal. After realizing I’d need to actually STUDY I settled for B’s. And at one point I had a report card that contained every letter of the alphabet. A,B,C,D,F. I only took 5 classes senior year. I raised my grades though!

So, it’s clear I gave up on that goal. Main reason being that the struggle wouldn’t be worth the destination. What will getting straight A’s do? Um. That’s a good question. Bragging rights? I got into Cal & UC Davis with my transcript, so getting straight A’s may have just ensured my acceptance to Harvard. Seeing as I didn’t apply, it wouldn’t have made a difference.

The only benefit getting straight A’s would have done would be learning good work ethic. I had alright work ethic. I was just laziest of the lazy. There were times where I took a nap in my car while waiting for school to start, and waking up realizing I missed half my classes. There were also times where I joined two or three homework groups and got assigned to answer different question in each group. Lucky for me because someone from one group would answer the question I was supposed to answer for another group. So I sent that answer to my other group, and got their answers, and then by being the middleman, I essentially got other people to do my homework for me.

That’s how lazy I was. But looking back, that’s a pretty damn genius idea isn’t it?

Anyway, point being that getting straight A’s simply wasn’t worth it for me back then.

And I’m sure you have similar stories. Practicing for a piano recital to be the best. Or perhaps trying to achieve something in a game. Or maybe trying to bench press 250 lbs. Or trying to win a bet. Doesn’t matter. We’ve all given up on things in our lives. It’s normal. Life moves on and we find other things to pursue.

However, have you ever noticed that when you give up, you never succeed? When you set a goal and give up on it, that goal never gets achieved. You can’t ever hit the target if you stop shooting.

What’s the point? Well, success comes in three steps. Dream (or goal). Struggle (usually uphill both ways). Victory (or Success).

You dream of your future. You set goals. You make plans.

Then you struggle. No dream is ever easy to accomplish. You think Abe Lincoln became president just by being tall? You think Muhammad Ali became a champion wrestler just by slipping his boxing gloves on? No, he hated every moment of training. But he loved every moment of being a champion. Being a champion was worth struggling through training.

So you need to struggle. You want to be wealthy? Take some risks. Invest in gold (it’s at an all-time high of $1300 per ounce!), or even better, invest in courses that will teach you a skill-set that can get you wealthy. People skills, investing skills, saving skills, anything. Or for you businesspeople, learn PPC advertising, SEO enhancement, effective capture/squeeze pages, copywriting, marketing on different websites, all of it.

You want to have more time? Figure out how to attain a 4-hour work week! Want to spend more time in youth? Learn to eat healthily and exercise!

Nothing good in life ever comes easy. It all takes hard work and dedication. And most of all, persistence. Persist in your endeavor and you’ll see success before you even reach your goal.

To your success,


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