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Slavery Hasn’t Been Abolished

October 4, 2010

If this isn’t your first time visiting my blog, you’d know that I believe in dreaming. Dreaming of everything. From retiring early to supporting an important cause. From living in a castle to simply being able to have a family picnic on a Tuesday afternoon. No matter how big or small your dream is, it’s your dream, and you owe it to yourself to achieve it.

That said… what happens when you give up on your dream? When you say, “Screw it, having all the time I want with my family isn’t worth the little effort now.” When you determine that immediate gratification should precede delayed gratification?

What happens at that point? Well, same thing that happens had you not had a dream in the first place–nothing. You make no progress. You make no steps forward. You stay stagnant in your life.

While every dream is important, not every dream needs to be pursued right away. Some dreams you can even give up entirely. For example, my dream to learn how to use Linux effectively and boot Windows out of my life (no pun intended) is not a dream I’m willing to sacrifice an unreasonable amount of time & money for. If I gave up on that dream, it’d have no impact on my success.

However, if I gave up on my dream to have an income large enough to be able to take care of my parents and work from home on my own accord… well, I may as well boot myself to the streets of SF.

That dream is not a dream worth giving up on.

There’s a quote on my wall that was written by me but was a mesh of two other quotes.

“The biggest lie in the world is that success is not worth its price… so pay the price and lead the way to freedom”

Freedom. That’s all anyone ever wants. We live in a free country, yet how many of us are free? Slavery was abolished years ago, yet we still have slaves. Corporate slaves who would bend backward to live from paycheck to paycheck. The job market is so plentiful, with unemployment being 10%, that if an employee so much complains about his salary, he can get replaced by a person just as competent but willing to work for less money.

The vicious world of Corporate America makes fools out of the founders of our country. Many people deny being a slave to their job. Let’s take my desired profession as an example. If I worked as an engineer for Chevron, inc., I’d have to move over to another city. My wife may have to find another job. My kids would have to go to whatever school’s convenient instead of the best. I’d have to get up at ungodly hours to get to work on time (because anything earlier than 6am is ungodly), eat, love, pray at work, do all of this awesome schtuffs just to make around $80k per year. Until Uncle Sam takes most of it and I get a wage deduction of $60k a year. Until inflation occurs and my $60k per year slowly dwindles down to $40k per year. And with the way minimum wage is going up, eventually my professional engineering degree will be worthless as I work minimum wage for a man who just can’t remember that my name is “RASHEED.”

And they said slavery was abolished.

Now I’m not trying to bash Corporate America. We need corporate jobs for just about everything. Technology, school, manufacturing… they all need corporate jobs to function. However, the sad truth is that many people need to sacrifice their first-born (and sometimes even their second-born) to work, and in the sadder cases that the spouse needs to work as well, the first- and second- borns get sent to a storage facility where your child is sometimes nothing but a mere number, a bill-payer.
And in an economic state where 10% of Americans looking for a job can’t find a job (barring the people who gave up looking for a job), it makes you sort of wonder whether or not your job is really worth working. Why not harness the power of a business or the stock market to leverage your time and money and give jobs to the people who really want them??

I hear it all the time: “I hate my job!” If you hate it so much, why don’t you give your job to someone who would appreciate it more than you do? How inconsiderate is that? It’s like a person who throws a meal out because he doesn’t like it. And right next to the trash can is a homeless person whose last meal was from the garbage.

It’s normal to hate your job. But if you loathe it so much, you should find a different avenue of having an income. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same results.

Don’t be insane.

To your abundance,

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