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Buy This Product and Donate to Cancer Research…

September 27, 2010

This morning, a friend gave me a cup of yogurt. Thanks friend!

But something interesting I noticed as I tore the lid open and gulped the contents down was that on the lid, there was a code. It stated, “Enter this code at this website and donate ten cents to cancer research!”

And it sort of got me thinking. How many products out there have a similar promotion? Now ask yourself, how many of those products have competitors that don’t have a promotion like this? Would you rather buy the one that funds cancer research or the one that doesn’t? Of course you’d buy the one that funds cancer research! Help people with cancer while enjoying the bacterial goodness of yogurt! Cancer research never tasted so good.

Now, there’s nothing bad about cancer research. I ran Relay for Life twice and raised money for cancer research. However… and I’m preparing for an epic debate, I can’t help but feel that many companies are using cancer research as a front for advertising. As mentioned above, all else the same, people would buy the product that funds cancer research over their greedy competitors. Right?

The way this particular yogurt made it rather simple to donate. I just went to the website on my phone and donated ten cents. However, there are many other products that require the consumer to do work to donate a measly sum of 10-20 cents. Like send the lid to the company and pay for postage. And these products may not be exactly good for your body. And that’s the genius thing that these companies are doing.

There’s a certain soda that says, “send the pop caps to us and we’ll donate a few cents each!” That’s inconvenient for consumers and many people are not willing to do that. Why not just go to the Relay for Life website yourself and instead of paying USPS for stamps, donate the money to R4L? You’d even get a tax deduction!

The point is, people know that soda isn’t really good for you. It may not be bad for you, but they contain tons of preservatives and things that sound like they don’t belong in your body. Don’t get me wrong, I love soda (Mountain Dew!), but I know it’s not good for me.

So while people know that soda isn’t good for them, if they see that the soda they love donates money to fund cancer research, they find a justification for drinking that particular soda. And that’s good. People have good hearts. However, use your good heart to donate money yourself, or donate time, or something. I don’t think cancer research should be a selling point in products. There are many companies and corporations that already donate a certain amount of money to charities, but they don’t plaster it all over their products.

The band Linkin Park is part of an organization called Music for Relief. And as far as I can tell, they don’t put it all over their albums. You go online. You download a free album. All contributing artists then donate money to a certain charity. Music for Relief is now focusing on Pakistan. Before they were helping Haiti.

Now I’ve listened to these songs. They’re alright. If they were demo songs, I’d just shrug them off and now look into the band. All of the artists for Music for Relief ride on their existing fame to donate to good causes. My Chemical Romance held a concert in Mexico and all proceeds from the concert went to cancer research. They made no money from the concert.

I’m not here to talk about music. I’m just trying to show a point. Companies can donate to cancer however they feel fit. However, they should not use cancer, or even worse, a picture of a child suffering from cancer, to take advantage of the human emotion of apathy, to generate a sale and possibly donate ten cents to fund cancer research. If the consumer doesn’t send their lid or whatever to the company, the company gets to keep the money that was otherwise saved for cancer research.

Moral of the story? If you see two products, one that’s slightly more expensive, the more expensive one being one that donates a slither of money to cancer research if you send in a thousand lids/caps, buy the cheaper one. If you feel bad for not donating to cancer, donate the money you saved to cancer. Then get a tax deduction on your donation. There’s no reason to spend more money to donate a tiny fraction of the extra cost.

I know this sort of post is kind of outside the scope of success. But for monetary success, you must know exactly where your money goes. Many times it does not go where you think it goes. Or other times it flows out of your pocket without you realizing that you spend so much.

I could ramble on and on. But no one likes rambles.

To your success,

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  1. affiliateex permalink
    October 7, 2010 7:55 pm

    help donate to all the people with cancer

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