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Secret to Success

September 26, 2010

I’m going to share with you a software I know of that you can use to achieve success. Yes, I’m advertising, but you’ll know why soon. It’s free. And you probably already have the software.

All successful people either use this software, or use the same concept that this software provides.

It’s a great tool to jumpstart your week!

Not only that, but this software is very useful to make your afformations as well!

So what is this ever-elusive software?

Notepad. Or textedit for you Mac users. Write five things you want to get done the next day every evening.

“But wait! I have Outlook/Google tasks/Astrid/Easy Note/whatever other organizer”

If you can utilize those tools well, go for it. Personally, I prefer simplicity. I have a little 99 cent notepad next to my bed. It’s nothing special. I used to use Astrid on my phone. But it didn’t work for me. Though I use technology for almost everything, nothing really beats the good old pen and paper. I am a writer after all!

Why do the goals at night? To seep through to your subconscious. When you sleep, your mind thinks about whatever you wrote down. Then when you get up, the afformations you write will make you reflect on your life in the long-term, and encourage you to accomplish your tasks.

So if you do both daily goals and afformations, you’ll be spending maybe 10-15 minutes per day basically reflecting and meditating. Ten to fifteen minutes per day! That’s not a lot of time! I don’t know anyone who can’t sacrifice 10-15 minutes per day to live a better future.

Imagine if someone would give you $100 per day just for taking a 15 minute walk. Would you walk the walk?

What if you could live your dream life and vacation for six months in Hawaii with your family, if only you dedicated to make these afformations and goals every day for two to five years? Would you do it? What is your future worth? Is it worth a measly 15 minutes per day? Or is it worth much much more?

I’ve lived too much of a mediocre life to want to have a mediocre future. So yes, my future is worth much more than 15 minutes per day. So I’m getting a pretty good deal!

The cool thing is, the goals will show results within a week. You’ll find that you’re getting more done. You’ll find that you’re more focused. Heck, your boss might even notice that you’re more productive–and pay you more. There’s absolutely no risk in making this small change to your present life. And it’ll make a huge difference in your future.

To your success,

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  1. October 4, 2010 5:12 pm

    i see what you did there

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