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So what is success anyway?

August 27, 2010

My blog is called Blog2Success. Isn’t that sort of presumptuous? The fact that I’m implying that if you read my blog, you’ll be successful?

Perhaps, if you didn’t know who I was. However, I wish nothing but pure success to my readers. People who click on a blog called “Blog2Success” deserve to be given quality tips that apply to their lives. They’re expecting tips on how to be successful.

What puts me in a position to talk about success though? I’m only a 20-year-old college student, trying to make ends meet while studying engineering. I’m not some fancy-pants CEO who tips the Burger King clerk a $100 because his time’s simply too valuable to wait for the clerk to get over his initial shock, then provide change. Nope, I’m not that guy.

Nor am I some celebrity movie star, hunted down by the paparazzi and having my private life be… well, not so private after all.

I haven’t even made any sort of difference to the world. I haven’t found a cure for anything, I haven’t done any ground-breaking research, I’m not the head of some awesome humanitarian project, I haven’t saved any lives… all I do is just write.

So what puts me in the position to talk about success?

Let’s first define success. My very own definition of success is simply “living the life you want to live.”

If you’re happy with your life, you’re successful. If you find yourself wanting more… you’re not successful.

Success does not mean driving a different luxury car every day. It doesn’t mean having several houses across the nation, all furnished with hand-made objects. It doesn’t mean going from exotic place to exotic place and forgetting where you lived because you travel around the world so much.

There are many people who want to live simple lives. And when they live their simple life, their happy. They’re more successful than many of us will ever be.

There are countless stories of people who held very successful careers as lawyers, doctors, engineers… and left their jobs for a bigger cause. Read the story of Robin Sharma, former litigation lawyer who realized he had so much more to offer to the world, and so he started Sharma Leadership International, training hundreds of people how to lead without a title. One of my relatives is following in Sharma’s footsteps.

And all these people are successful.

So what makes me so qualified to talk about success?

The reason is that I’m already there.

Those who are really close with me know that I am working hard towards a residual income so that I can spend my future life doing things more worthwhile… like spending time with my family. Raising my kids. Being able to take care of my mom. My dad. Give back to my family. Live wherever I want to live, not just where there was a job opening. Not have to sacrifice my child’s extracurricular activities because I’m having trouble paying the bills.

“But wait,” you ask. “You’re not starting any family!”

True. In fact, I’m looking for a job that will take time away from me. However, as John Maxwell would put it, “Growth does not happen in a day. It happens daily.”

Let me repeat that because that’s so important.

“Growth does not happen in a day. It happens daily.”

Every day I try to do something that will hopefully contribute to my future success.

And I believe that my success will only come with the success of others.

Make sense?

I want you to succeed in doing whatever you want to do. Be it medicine, engineering, law, journalism, sculpting, graphic design, whatever it is… because I know that if I can do it, not only can you do it. I believe I have a responsibility to help you do it.

Even though a large residual income will be one of the primary factors that will help me live the life I want to live… that it will help me be successful… what’s the point? What’s the point if I just focus on my own success and neglect everyone else? Why stop at making one person successful… when I can make a lot of people successful?

It’s all about potential. No, not electric potential. Potential. What do you have the potential to do? And do you want to waste that potential? I don’t.

I want everyone to realize their potential. No matter how old they are. No matter how educated they are. Everyone has the potential to make a difference they want to, live the lives they want to. The question is, are they going to?

What is it that you could have done last year that would have really made a difference in your life this year? Do you want to have that regret again next year? I don’t want to have that regret. And I don’t want you to have that regret either.

“Rasheed,” I can see you saying. “You’re evading the question! You’re not successful, what makes you qualified to speak on the subject?”

Alright alright, patience, my friend.

I am successful.

You keep coming back to read my blog, do you not? You clearly enjoy my writing, or perhaps my posts actually help you. Or both!

So in that sense, I guess I’m sort of successful. But where the real magic lies is in the mind. One must believe they are successful before they attain it. The moment you begin doubting yourself, you’re not successful. The moment you ask, “Can I really do it?” You’re not successful. The moment you begin blaming others for your lack of success… well, you’re not successful.

You need to have the thought first. Then you must believe it. Then you must know that you can do it. “I think, I believe, I know,” as Mr. David Goad would say.

First, think. What makes you successful? What is your definition of success? I’d love to hear your definitions in the comments. Please feel free to share your thoughts, and I’ll continue with the second part of this post tomorrow!

To your success,


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