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Driving the thirty miles from Davis to Sac and only putting 10 miles on my odo?

August 16, 2010

Yep, you read right! I only put 10 miles on my odo! Oh, and I was also driving at 0 miles per hour on the freeway for at least 20 minutes. Crazy huh?

Maybe an explanation is in order. Meet me. I’m Rasheed. I may have the most terrible luck with cars out of everyone I know. I’ve had cars broken into several times, cars die on me for no reason, getting a flat trying to parallel park, and now my latest: my car dying in the middle of the freeway! Highway 99, traffic everywhere, and my car decides to die. Hmm.

Well, it started after I started summer school. My engine light was on so I took it to the shop. The guy’s name is Thanh Nguyen, owner of Rick’s Autoshop. I guess his middle name is Rick. Thanh Rick Nguyen. It’s got a ring to it. Well anyway, turns out that my car’s vacuum hose or something or other was leaking. So he replaced it.

Fast-forward to today. You just gotta go on like 5x speed because I took the car to Thanh two days ago.

I noticed that on my way to school today, I had a strange light on. It said, “ABS.” Now let’s just ignore all the funny jokes I can make about this light for just a moment, and focus on the fact that I’ve never seen this light light up–except when I’m starting the car and all the lights turn on. But I thought nothing of it. Anti-lock braking system engaged? I didn’t know what that meant. I figured that as long as I didn’t go into any high-speed chases I’d be fine. Little did I know that a high-speed chase may have saved my car! Maybe. One can always dream right?

Well, on my way back from school, the ABS light was still on, as well as the “airbag” light. So I was anticipating my airbag to come up for no reason and kill me. At least I won’t have to take that midterm exam tomorrow.

Then someone tried stealing my car! Well, not really, but the “theft” light came on, and I figured my car knew best. Whoever was stealing my car had best stop stealing it!

And then the most bizarre thing happened. Suddenly, my speedometer read 0 mph. I was cruising at 65 mph. And my engine was running at 0 rpm. Hmmm… something is off here. My gas read a quarter tank, and… well, my odometer was stuck at xxxxx57 for quite a few miles! (it’s at xxxxx62 now).

Something was seriously wrong.

I thought maybe I needed gas. I was almost home (around 5 miles) so I figured I’d just get gas when I take my exit. But no. My car couldn’t wait that long. Rush hour traffic had set in, and I stopped my car so that I wouldn’t hit the guy in front of me. When I released my foot off the brake pedal and tried accelerating, I went nowhere. I parked, turned the ignition, nothing. 😦

So I was just sitting there in the middle of a busy freeway (amazingly no one honked me!) waiting for some magical force to lift my car away. Well some magical force came, by the name of the California Highway Patrol. He pushed my car over to the shoulder and said “ciao!” and called over a tow-truck.

The CHP tow truck couldn’t tow me, I guess because people don’t pay taxes to get idiots like me towed away. But he was nice enough to give me a gallon of gas to see if I could get up and running. No dice. So he called another dude.

The other dude couldn’t tow me. So he called another dude.

The last dude could tow me. For the low low rate of $210 an hour. Damn you CHP!!! I ended up having to pay a tax for having the CHP push me to the side.

Well, I had him tow me back to Rick’s place. Or Thanh’s place. Or whoever’s auto repair shop that is.

Turns out I wasn’t out of gas. I was out of battery! Not only was I out of battery, I was out of alternator! Not only was I out of alternator, but I was also almost out of money. This has to have been the most expensive trip to school I’ve ever taken. Besides the time when my car got totaled when I tried starting the car. But that’s irrelevant.

Well, I got the alternator replaced. Low fee of $320! Plus tax! My brother was nice enough to help me out with that, but now I’m seriously hoping I get any of the 20 jobs I applied for last week.

Moral of the story: HAVE “$%@# happens” money!! And no, I did not plan any of this nor is any of this staged. It just so happens that I ended up having to learn the lesson of my advice the day after I give it. GO FIGURE eh?

Well, that’s my day in a nutshell. Feel free to tell me how your day went in the comments!

Till next time,


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